“I am a registered nurse, specialized in critical care and I am also a reiki master. I have known Vanessa for six years now. I was blessed to be introduced to her by a mutual friend who also happens to be a RN and reiki master.

    Vanessa is a very kind and compassionate practitioner. Her ability to use color, sound, vibration, sacred geometry and Chinese medicine is very unique to any practitioner I have ever met.

Vanessa’s use of different modalities helped me heal from years of back issues that conventional medicine didn’t. In no way am I trying to talk poorly about medical doctors or the practice of modern medicine. The fact is that, in my case, I was not able to obtain pain relief through pain medication and physical therapy.  It is important to understand that our bodies hold emotions that when not addressed over time, manifest as illness (hence the term Dis-ease). Vanessa’s treatments helped me address and ultimately release the emotions that were causing my physical symptoms and was able to have relief of my physical pain.

Vanessa continues to improve and redefine her practice by continuing her education; along with implementing tangible, data driven technology to her practice.

Vanessa’s work is a truly loving experience. Her professionalism, love, compassion, critical thinking and intuition allow her to provide a well-rounded experience for her clients. I sincerely appreciate what she has done for me and recommend her work to everyone.”

E. G. (Miami, FL) January 2019

“Vanessa Cisneros is a natural healer. By that I mean she has made a deep study of many healing modalities, both physical and spiritual…all with the goal of healing others.   I was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and had my right lung removed in 2007. I went through many months of chemotherapy, radiation and other treatments. My chances of survival were slim, at best. I have been treated by  Vanessa through her utilization of the many modalities she brings to her healing table in the process of helping heal me.   I am now considered medically cured of my lung cancer. While there is no way I can quantify the efficacy of each of the parts played by Vanessa, my Doctors, and all of my many treatments leading to my ultimate cure…I firmly believe that I probably would not be here today without her.”
Donald P. (Ponte Vedra Beach, FL) Nov 2017

“My background is in material science and traditional medicine. I would like to think that I am creative and open-minded and enjoy reviewing new sciences and theories.   I have been reading a lot lately about DNA and photonic energy so when I heard about Vanessa’s light and sound modalities I figured I would at least explore it.  As a scientist at least in my mind I need to see things that can be reproduced to have faith in them. I don’t have to understand the mechanism or be able to see the mechanism but I do new need to be able to reproduce it otherwise it’s too random.  I also believe that things do not have to be understood to be effective but I still come back to they need to be repeatable. I entered my first session with Vanessa with an open mind with the caveat that I would like to see it reproduced using myself as the test subject.  My first session went well I had an instant reaction that was very euphoric and calming – even hypnotic.   Within 10 minutes I fell into a deep sleep although I was not even sleepy or tired when I began the session which I found very odd. Time seemed to slip by and when I woke up an hour had passed.  I was fairly and energize but very calm for the rest of the evening. The next day I went back for session number two with no expectations just to experience and learn. The second session had the exact same results as the first session without Vanessa leading me on or her giving me any cues or biases.  She just put me on the table and did her work.    I was completely amazed at how she was able to reproduce these feelings, emotions and changes within my body and mind. The more I read about the fundamentals of her sound table and light therapies the more I realized that her world connected to my physical world that I had studied my entire career but yet the scholars and traditionalist have yet to fully understand The Field and energy from which she practices.  She is a very humble woman and does not take credit for any of this only as a practitioner who provides the services allowing the person to connect to these energies in their own way which should result in healing, a calmness in life, clarity and a better general purpose for our lives.  I was more than impressed with her services, the outcomes and her as a wonderful person.”

-Tim T (Birmingham, AL) August 2015

“Vanessa Cisneros is a rare force of nature. She loves what she does with such a wholehearted passion that she is able to bring deep skills and knowledge to her work. She is warm, caring, and deeply intuitive. Not only can she help anyone with their physical healing, she is especially equipped to powerfully enhance others  such as healing practitioners on their emotional, mental, and spiritual journey. This is a cutting-edge and exciting practitioner whom I gladly recommend!”

– Carolyn O. (New York City, NY) April 2015

“I have been fortunate enough to have several sessions with Sound and Color acupuncturist Vanessa Cisneros, and her work is amazing and unlike anything I have experienced before. She is a truly gifted healer doing work that is extremely profound on a physical, mental and spiritual level. It’s amazing to me how color and sound, though they are very gentle techniques, can initiate such deep and intense healing shifts. The experience on Vanessa’s table is beautiful and relaxing, and she is one of the kindest, most generous and reassuring presences I have had the pleasure to meet. But don’t underestimate the power of this healing modality – for me it has been transformative. Everyone should be lucky enough to have a session with Vanessa – I cannot recommend her highly enough!”

– Jeff S. (New York City, NY) August 2014

“ Vanessa is an expert at sound healing and therapy. It has been 3 days since my treatment and I am STILL detoxing, letting go and unwinding things that have (unknowingly) to me been stored in my tissues. The Detox has been very gentle, I have been able to work, haven’t felt sick and am functioning perfectly. The way that I know I am letting go is because of dreams, memories and physical sensations in the body. My stomach is releasing, relaxing and feeling good. The wildest thing is that I have been feeling Clorox seep out of my sinuses, gums and teeth. Anyone who has ever had a root canal done knows that after they pull out the nerve, they use medical grade Clorox to go into the canal and dissolve the rest of the nerve and clean it out. I have had many root canals and it never occurred to me that this toxin would be sitting in my gums even after it was ”washed out”, my body is taking this opportunity to detox from harmful substances used in dental work. That is AMAZING and this also goes hand in hand with a liver and lymphatic detox as well. I highly recommend Vanessa and encourage you to contact her either directly or through me and get an appointment to you can experience her talent along with the ONLY Monochord table in Florida!!”

– Julie R (RN) (Mount Dora, FL)

“I highly recommend this amazing therapy!! These sound vibrations penetrate deeply in your energetic body opening up your channels or meridians giving a complete state of relaxation. So then healing its taking place!!!”

– Lynn T (Weston, FL)

“Vanessa at Sound and Color Acupuncture is amazing. I have had many treatments with her and each time is a wonderful new experience based on what I need at that moment. She is a gifted therapist and healer and I always feel relaxed as soon as I walk in…highly recommend!”

– BG (Plantation, FL)

“Sound and Color Healing was an incredible angelic experience! I Highly recommended it for everyone trying to find a new and unique way of holistic therapies ♥ ♥ ♥”

– Carolyn A. (Weston, FL)

“Thank you Vanessa for the light and sound healing session that included sacred geometry and the use of colorful silk scarves! I felt soothed by a rhythmical bath of vibrations that allowed my body, mind and emotions to release old stored patterns that no longer served me. I felt deeply relaxed and connected to myself and it truly was amazing how I could feel the nurturing of the color light therapy that I so willingly received. You are a very gifted and intuitive healer who has such a nurturing presence that made it easy for me to open up to myself. Thank you so much Vanessa for the very healing and deeply relaxing experience. I look forward to my next session!”

– Michelle A. (Miami, FL)

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