New Clients

Welcome to Sound and Color Acupuncture

Are the treatments covered by your insurance? 

Sound and Color Acupuncture, PA does not participate in any forms of health care insurance, HMO, PPO, Workman’s Comp, No-Fault, etc.  Please check with your insurance company if acupuncture is covered and to which extent, an itemized bill receipt can be provided at the end of each office visit.

New Client Intake Form

Please download and print this intake form for your first session and assessment.


Location & Office Hours

Mondays & Saturdays

By appointment only

Phone: 786-592-0105


Initial Consultation is $275 (90 minutes long)

Each additional session is $225 (55 minutes long)

A minimum of 3 sessions is required.  A telephone conference is required  to ascertain the level of commitment to your health & wellbeing and to ensure that I am the right practitioner for you so that you will have the maximum benefit from sound & color sessions.

First three sessions are paid on initial visit and the remaining sessions must be completed within 6 weeks of initial visit.


Here is a short video of what the sessions are like:



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