Vision Statement

Welcome to a new way of thinking about healing……


When we are in search of healing, we often fail to realize that to achieve true healing, we need to tap into the non-physical, spiritual aspects of self. Yes, we are our bodies, however, there is a deeper dimension to wellness and that is the part that is usually left out of our current medical model.

Did you know that we are actually made up of sound and color? We are vibration in a denser form. Our soul is an array of colors and these
colors inspire us to open up to that place in our selves where beauty, wisdom, love and peace reside…a place where we ignite and awaken our own body’s healing abilities.

Of course it is essential to address the physical body, pain, discomfort and disease, but we must not forget to incorporate the very powerful parts of ourselves while working to create harmony within the body. We should remember that our body is PROGRAMMED to heal, and every cell is always working to do that, by removing blockages and using many different tools to enable our bodies to function as they were designed.

Because I am so passionate about empowering myself, and others, on the path to vibrant health, I have chosen to study and train in what are considered to be the most effective techniques and modalities to address physical, emotional and spiritual healing.

In my practice I blend the ancient art of acupuncture and herbal medicine with today’s understanding of supplements and nutrition, which are necessary tools in helping the body to maintain balance. Since I believe that deeper levels of healing occur when we are able to connect to the ‘’Divine Spirit’’ within, I also offer Color and Sound Therapy treatments, which I consider essential in assisting you on your journey into wellness.

My personal and clinical experience has shown me that sound and color is often the “missing piece” that takes us to that place of undiscovered strength, intuition and ability. You know when you have reached that place… it’s when life begins to flow, relationships improve and synchronicities happen. Not only do you feel fantastic physically, but you also feel more joy, passion, purpose and freedom!

I love what I do, and it is my honor and absolute pleasure to share with you what I know, and have it work for you towards your own health and well-being.

I invite you to come with me into the beautiful world of color and sound and let it be the new way you think about your healing.

Thank You, Namaste.

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